• Image of Original Art: Hand Colored Angel Photo
  • Image of Original Art: Hand Colored Angel Photo
  • Image of Original Art: Hand Colored Angel Photo

Handmade LTD PRINT Angel in warm sunlight

* Hand Coloring & Illustration
* Printed on Archival Glossy Metallic Photo Paper which yields a beautiful luminosity
* Image Size 7.5 x 11 inches
* Paper Size 11x14 (presents w/beautiful white boarder for matting)
* Image comes gift wrapped in tissue & shipped in bend proof mailer

“What are angels? … They are the invisible ones, who come to hold us, heal us, guide us, guard us. They take on any form in which they can be received: as visions, as voices, as dreams, as mysterious accidents or as the weird and marvelous coincidence that leaves us laughing with awe and disbelief. They are the whisper of intuition at our shoulder…” Sophy Burnham

I've always had a close affinity with Angels. They come to me in many forms – a friendly face during a hard day, a book where words leap off the page just when I need them most, a softening of the heart when one feels most vulnerable. That’s the power of angels – they soften, inspire and protect.

May this beautiful archival metallic print can be a constant reminder of the presence of angels in your life and the power they have to heal and protect.

Your angel is printed with archival metallic ink, giving it a luminous allure that doesn’t fade or change color, comes secure in a bend proof mailer

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