• Image of Gazing at the Stars Giclee Print
  • Image of Gazing at the Stars Giclee Print
  • Image of Gazing at the Stars Giclee Print
  • Image of Gazing at the Stars Giclee Print
  • Image of Gazing at the Stars Giclee Print

"After her journey, her wings were sore, and she was tired, she came upon a single branch high above the canopy. It was extended, as if just for her... And with one deep sigh, she caught her breath, gripped the branch and felt the support of the oak to her spine. As she nestled down, she rested. And as she rested, she became enchanted by the silence, felt the warm glow of moonlight, and she asked... Whereupon she saw the sky around her and the stars and the light and her heart humbly swelled bigger and bigger then she ever thought possible. It was then she knew she had been answered. For she felt herself in harmony, as one, with the universe. And she knew who she was."
~stephey from the Indigo Series

"Gazing at the Stars" is printed with 12-color, giclee printing on archival paper, meaning it is museum quality with vibrant colors as close as possible to the original. The border gives plenty of room for mounting and framing. Printing in giclee maintains the integrity of the original piece (Indigo watercolor /pen and ink/ chalk on rough BFK printmaking paper), so your print still contains the unique texture of the original.

8" x 8" Giclee Print (9 x 9 print)
12" x 12" Giclee Print (13" x 13" print)
* All Giclee prints are hand signed, titled.

* Larger sizes available contact the Studio for immediate shipping.

*All prints are shipped in a bend-proof mailer.

* Frame Not included. Please note watermark will not appear on your print. It’s for online copyright display only. Arranged group photos for display only, and are not included in order.
© Copyright Stephey Baker All Rights Reserved. If you'd like to use the image for your online business or blog post please contact the studio for written permission and licensing fees.

Flat Rate
USA: $5.00
Canada: $6.00
International: $8.00

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