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  • Image of Utilize your healing hands: Healing + Art

As Artists, we have the ability to draw upon our spiritual gifts as a creator, both on and off the page.

We can utilize our choice of art form to create healing within our everyday life, while refining our creative process. Wise Artists do not under estimate our most valuable tool - Art.

Art has the power to heal and its our choice whether we utilize our healing hands off the page to create our desired life.

We can use Art as a form of daily practice, as a way to gain internal guidance for our day and to further serve us in fulfilling our life purpose, allowing us to become clearer about the gifts we are to bring into the world.

I want to help you make that process easier and inspiring. And in a way that does not include the mentality of suffering for your art or being a starving artist. That’s an old paradigm no artist should live by!

Let me introduce you to a new artistic medium: Art + Integrated Energy Therapy® empower yourself with your own healing hands.

During our 60-minute session, we'll spend time identifying what you desire to create, the easiest way for you to create it and how to incorporate your insights, art and spirit into a creative process that inspires you.

The creative process is what helps release old patterns while integrating new; it balances the brain's hemispheres. You do not have to be a visual artist for this step, we will come up with an art form that best suites you, such as writing, jewelry making, painting, gardening, aroma therapy, cooking etc.

This is the perfect experience for those wanting to search the soul through exploration in art, to cultivate the courage, strength and wisdom to believe in yourself and reveal your spirit's voice through your art.

Integrated Energy Therapy™ is a system based in the intention to live as the full embodiment of your spirit, to have its expression create your everyday life, a life of purpose, meaning and happiness - even in the face of adversity.

Healing with Art + Integrated Energy Therapy™ with stephey

  • Releases tension and everyday stress that makes you feel tired, burned out and overwhelmed
  • Creates a renewed sense of vitality
  • Supports healing on all level – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  • Brings a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Leaves you with a deeply relaxed calm state of being, sense of reassurance, confidence and motivation
  • Empowers you to create a life you truly desire- in a way that is right for you
  • Provides insight and inspiration as to your life purpose
  • Removes you from the cycle of habitual negative behavior and thoughts
  • Recent Testimonials:
    I felt stuck in my job and daily routine. I wanted to be more creative and follow my dreams but didn’t know how and felt like, at my age and w/a family, those dreams had passed me by. Boy was I wrong! After working w/Stephey I realized how I was the one who gave up on my dreams and how though they may not have taken the shape I thought - they are so coming true! I really love working with Stephey and consider her to be stellar support on my creative journey. She continues to be my go to when I need a dose of inspiration or an assertive nudge to get moving again. MG

    My healing session with Stephey brought me answers and clarity I needed to thrive as an artist - I hated admitting I was suffering but I was. She taught me a valuable heartlink technique I use everyday to connect to my Angels and get clarity on my path. She also helped me to realize I was further along than giving myself credit - that made a huge difference in my confidence! That's what Stephey has given me most - the confidence to be who I am and the tools to live how I want. I'm not suffering from those negative thoughts anymore! EM

    I've been working with Stephey now for three months. I came to her because I wanted to be happier. I realized I was denying what my spirit wanted - to be an artist. Stephey has been working with me to create small changes I can take action on everyday - and I am and am feeling so much for alive! I look forward to our sessions each week! What a life saver and breath of fresh air! I recommend her if you're needing some direction in your life and art, she does both, which is what i need. Not only have I been feeling better, like a cloud lifted from my head but my art is infused with new beauty and added meaning - thanks to Stephey and her many ways to make a session fun and informative! CA

    * For more information contact me directly with your questions. Once you check out I'll send you a short list of questions to get us started and you can confirm a date and time that works best for you.