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She inscribed messages from the Stars
~ by stephey baker from the "Indigo" series

A few years ago I started having vivid dreams of various Indigo birds, each had a special message to rely.

This one came on an Indigo ray of sparkly light, shining and twinkling like a thousand stars in a clear blue night sky.

This is a Guardian Dream Bird. She watches over you silently, and patiently as she waits for you to pick up the proverbial pen and create the life your truly desire.

She encourages you to imagine creating your dreams into reality, to take the first step and explore your dreams through writing. If you're not aware, yet, of what your dreams are, she'll leave bread crumbs for you to discover them and then helps you take flight.

"Dream Guardian" is printed with 12-color, giclee printing on archival paper, meaning it is museum quality with vibrant colors as close as possible to the original. The border gives plenty of room for mounting and framing. Printing in giclee maintains the integrity of the original piece (oil-pastels/watercolor/pen + ink/ on rough BFK printmaking paper), so your print still contains the unique texture of the original.

8" x 10" Giclee Collectible Print Only (7" X 7" image)
11" x 11" Giclee Collectible Print Only: (10" x 10" image)
* All Giclee prints are hand signed, titled.

10" X 10" Acid Free Mat (6.5" x 6.5" Iridescent Art Print)
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* Frame Not included. Please note watermark will not appear on your print. It’s for online copyright display only. Arranged group photos for display only, and are not included in order.

© 2013 All Rights Reserved Marked by the Muse™ and Stephey Baker.

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