• Image of Custom Muse Session One-On-One w/Stephey
  • Image of Custom Muse Session One-On-One w/Stephey
  • Image of Custom Muse Session One-On-One w/Stephey
  • Image of Custom Muse Session One-On-One w/Stephey
  • Image of Custom Muse Session One-On-One w/Stephey

If you hear a voice within you saying, ''You are not a painter,'' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

I say, do this for all aspects of your life and you'll find yourself awake, living the reality of your dreams.

As a creative, artistic and intuitive person, you're brimming with ideas. New - projects flow out of you. You're on track to living your ideal creative life!


But, what if, for whatever reason, you’re stuck. You have projects to finish, a show to plan for, a book to write, or your stuck with fear. You can’t feel the creativity anymore. Your creative juices are all blocked up. And you're feeling confused as to which direction to go. . .You may ask yourself, what's the next step?

I’m Stephey Baker, an artist, licensed spiritual counselor and creative consultant mentor, and I can help. I support the whole you instead of compartmentalizing you into various boxes - boxes labeled business or personal - it's all one - you’re one person - living one LIFE!

For the last ten years I’ve been helping talented creatives “get the stuck-out” of their visions, reconnect to their inspiration-Their Muse (Spirit). And transcend what’s holding them back from experiencing the fruition of their creative ideas.

I’ve offered creative support regarding the following:
• Lots of ideas but no forward movement
• Exhausted during the day due to cramming in late night creativity – (it's the only time you have to engage your artistic side—or is it?)
• How to stick with it and not be discouraged while bringing your goals to fruition.
• Concerned about life passing you by without accomplishing creative goals — yet that inner voice keeps nudging you… to take action.
• Needing encouragement and the tools to make real the ideas you feel guided to live + make happen!

In your session, I will guide you to:
- Uncover the source of what’s currently holding you back
- Prioritize your ideas and gain clarity about what you’re wanting to create
- Discover 3 easy action steps to gather momentum when feeling stuck
- Feel empowered with easy action steps to make your vision a reality

I don’t dish out airy-fairy nonsense, just down-to-earth, practical spiritual and creative mentoring. Feel inspired, full of hope, possibility and on track + supported in obtaining your goals. Realize your vision and find yourself living the life you truly desire!

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps have never been seen.-Robert Bresson

NOTE: A limited number of one-on-one sessions are available each month. If sessions are no longer available please contact stephey to be first the following month.