• Image of Discover Your Message: Finding the clarity to tell the world who you truly are
  • Image of Discover Your Message: Finding the clarity to tell the world who you truly are
  • Image of Discover Your Message: Finding the clarity to tell the world who you truly are
  • Image of Discover Your Message: Finding the clarity to tell the world who you truly are

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Capture the spirit of you and your services with the right words.

Discover the clarity and words to tell the world who you truly are and what you are here to do—make it clear to yourself and others.

Have you heard the saying, “A picture is worth a 1000 words”?

Just as a touching portrait captures the essence of a person, I invite you to think about copywriting as being the textual portrait of you, your spirit and business.

Do your words paint an inspiring portrait about you?

Do your words capture the essence of who you are? What you do? And most importantly what you give to others—after all it's why you're here on earth—to express your spirit and support others with your unique vision, talent and skills. I believe it's how you live your purpose and experience a fulfilling life.

And though there may be many others doing what you are doing (or want to do), no one can offer what you offer. No one can do what you do.

Because the truth is, there is only one you. You are unique and your fingerprint proves it.

Yet, do you find it difficult to express who you truly are, the value of what you create and offer others succinctly? Do you feel your about page could paint a better picture of you? Capture more of your essence? Could your service/product descriptions paint a better picture? Capture the heart of your client or inspire a desire to cultivate a relationship with you?

Discovering the right words to capture your spirit doesn't need to be difficult. You need only time, the right questions and a desire to discover your own magic.

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps have never been seen. —Robert Bresson

I believe once you choose to actualize your inspirations you enter a journey to discover how to language— YOU. And once you discover your words—everything clicks. Everything flows.

That's what the Discovery sessions are about, creating the space to discover the words needed to express who you are, what you do and why you are valuable to others.

What you receive when you Discover your words can be expressed in one word . . .


It not only inspires you to awaken who you truly are by reminding you of the artist and the magic that dwells within you—The Muse—your spirit. You now have the right words—Your Words— to express yourself, talent, skills, vision—Spirit! To me, that's empowering. It's priceless. And It's sacred. Don't you think?


- Discover and create a succinct statement that captures the essence of what you do.

- 1 hour phone call each week, supported with email in between.
- Discover what your product/service does for others as opposed to what it is.
- Discover the value your product/service offers others
- Discover what you want your client/buyer/collector to know and feel
- Discover Why you are the perfect person to offer what you do and not anyone else

*Upon completion you'll have created your Essence Phrase and Brand Characteristics. You’ll also receive a template to EASILY create new copy such as blog posts, web pages, artists statements, service/product descriptions, etc.

Once this initial discovery phase is complete you'll have the clarity, succinct answers and words needed to create the message you desire.

Examples of Work Created During Discovery:

Ellen Schaffer: Words Important to My Heart (ex. of Brand Characteristics)

Sarah N. Case: Mission Statment


* Please expect to spend about three hours a week Discovering Your Words. 1 hr on the phone and 1-2 hrs on your own.

* Need something sooner and want me to write it for you? About, Services and Tag phrase pages etc..Starts at $200.
Contact Me for details and your deadline. Typical Turn around is 5 business days. All copyrighting for the web is optimized for SEO.

* I devote many one-on-one hours to you during the Discovery process and am only able to support 4 people a month. Once those slots are filled this product will view as SOLD OUT. If you'd like to secure your space for the following month please contact Stephey. All are served on a first come first serve basis.