• Image of Tree and Stars Giclee Fine Art Sketch
  • Image of Tree and Stars Giclee Fine Art Sketch
  • Image of Tree and Stars Giclee Fine Art Sketch

Black and white Giclee Fine Art Sketch of Tree and Stars

Title Expand into Dreams (sketch) : black and white fine art giclee print is part of an 8-piece inspiration series by transcendentalist artist Stephey Baker. Called “Ode to Dreams”, this series explores the meanings of dreams in your inspired life and how to transform your dreams into reality. This is a sketch that was created into a fine art oil pastel drawing and handmade fine silver pendant.

Expand into Dreams (a visual blessing)

Like rings on a tree, expand into true nature.
Grow the roots of heart.

Choose to allow your innate talent to Bloom into Stars.
Those Stars will guide you to the answers calling within,

Nurture those ideas with the rekindling of your heart
Step across the thresholds of "someday" or "can’t" or "soon" or "how".

With courage and faith, reach into the nutrients of your soul.
Follow each step, savor every sparkly blossom, breath deep their joyful fragrance
relax as smiles bloom awake upon your face and reside twinkling within your eyes.

Accompany your bliss, allow it to usher you into the orchard of fulfillment.

Here, the moon shines full – Illuminating Dreams Come True

"Expand into Dreams Sketch" is a high quality archival 6x8 print on an 8 x 10 watercolor paper. The border gives plenty of room for mounting and framing. Printing on watercolor paper maintains the integrity of the original sketch (ink on rag paper), so your print still contains the unique texture of the original.

"Expand into Dreams Sketch" is printed on archival paper, meaning it is museum quality with details captured that makes it look land feel ike the original. To ensure your print won't fade or discolor over time, each print is sealed with an archival water-based luster spray.

Your print will arrive securely packaged and signed in a bend proof envelope.

For a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of the "Ode to Dreams" series, please visit the blog post http://www.markedbythemuse.com/2010/08/expand-into-dreams.html

Gesture Drawing of female model: A study in movement VII

Giclee Print on watercolor paper of original drawing created in black marker.

Print measures 8" x 10". The actual image is 6" x 8" leaving a white border for framing with a matte finish.

Each print is titled, signed and shipped in a bend-proof mailer. If you would like this gesture print in a larger size please email the studio.