samples of stephey's creative process

The art in this shop is handmade by Stephey or Claudette, daughter & mother, using a variety of fine art techniques and high-quality materials. Each piece travels through several stages before it finishes in the boutique – like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

In the first stage – the pupa stage – several ink sketches are created, and begin to shape the concept. At this stage, the piece is like an egg – anything is possible.

During the next stage – the Gathering Stage – a prototype is created and various techniques are experimented with – silversmithing, wrapping, stone setting, color fusion, drawing, printmaking, advanced watercolor techniques, fabric and stitching patterns – to bring all the resources together to discover what works specifically for the piece.

In the Gestation stage, artists produce a full-color drawing and research their chosen materials and colors. The decision whether it will be a one-of-a-kind piece or limited edition is made. The Gestation stage continues until the piece has everything it needs to come to fruition – every unique aspect belongs together to create the design.

Finally, the piece is finished. It emerges and is ready to share its colors with the world.