Non-editionable One of a Kind Monotypes & Drawings

Translating the beauty & splendor of feathers into artwork (that I hope is) exquisitely attuned to the wonder of all that is sacred between the human heart and the angelic world.

In 2005, feathers started to follow us around like puppies. Years later they continue to show up in the oddest places. Some float just within arms reach while taking a walk. While others make their way into the car. I’ve even found feathers in my bed. And I don’t have a feather bed or pillows. I am allergic to them! My mom frequently has white fluffy feathers take piggyback rides on her sweater.

Feathers. Feathers. Feathers Grey and white feathers, coppery red feathers, pink feathers, indigo blue with white dots, black and brown feathers—endless color—infinite beauty—magnificent feathery forms! We collected them in a bowl and displayed them in a sacred space.

Each feather has a unique energy, spirit, and is one of a kind like a fingerprint. We’ve come to believe that feathers are messages from the Angels here with us—guiding our hands as we create.

Many years ago, we began creating artwork inspired by their magnificent form. Our new series inspired by these feathers is called Angelic Imprints.

Each Angelic Imprint is an original, a one of a kind artwork, and includes a tender blessing to inspire the heart to open.

Angelic Imprints are created using an old printmaking process called monotyping or are pen and ink drawings created with iridescent inks and pigma powders to give an angelic sparkle.

An Italian first invented Monotype in 1604. They’re known as the painterliest method among the printmaking techniques. A monotype is a non-editionable kind of print and is essentially a printed painting.

The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike. However, images can be similar, but editioning is not possible. We cannot think of a better process to honor all that is sacred between the human heart and the invisible world.

The truth is, we are not alone. There are signs and symbols all around us just waiting for us to notice and receive messages of inspiration and guidance. . .And we feel anyone can be your angel, just as you can be an angel to someone too.

It is our hope that this collection leaves you with a lasting imprint of love, hope or guidance.

May you always have feathers imprinted on your heart & be free to fly.
May the gift of flight open you to the wild beauty of the invisible world, where you find yourself living among the presence of Angels, just as others find themselves living among the presence of you.